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Do you need a Consultant for your Business?

As a small business consultant  we work the with customers on planning and problem solving, and help clients develop business skills and knowledge. These items range from designing a business model and marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. You’ll often help customers learn how to plan and implement projects for the technical or non technical side. At DEC we give advice, teach skills, and brainstorms and push accounting techniques with customers to produce results and enhance strategic thinking by creating mind maps on the front end.  On the back end, we build websites that get conversions through SEO and organic traffic, paid if needed.  This supports the planning and problem solving with Strategic Marketing.  We physical test your idea on a digital marketing platform with Key Performance Indicators of your choosing. We push for lead generation on the front end and email marketing and phone calls on the backend.  We use all resources needed to push product and/or service to get the results you are looking for.