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WordPress open source content management system and blogging tool has opened the way of success for millions of the businesses running online. But, for making more advanced web pages with added functionality, WordPress plugin development is the most useful and accepted approach. If you have used WordPress for building the websites in a minimum time, then there are 100% chances that you might have definitely used some of the plugins for functionality improvement.

WordPress plugins may be both simple and Free Themes complex. More is the complexity level of plugins, more efforts are required for reading and managing the code. How can complexity of the plugins be reduced? The simplest and Nulled Magento results-driven answer is use of MVC pattern for WordPress plugin development. This approach decreases complexity to a great extent and nulled joomla creates the blocks of code also that can be used simply. Implementation of MVC architecture i.e.

Model, View and Controller reduce bloat and ensure efficient operation of plugins. The focus of this post is to use MVC pattern for building WordPress plugins. Problem observed in WordPress The major problem of WordPress open source content management system is that instead of following OOP (Object-oriented Programming) concepts, it is based on procedural design (structured programming). It becomes quite typical for the MVC or Free Scripts OOP programmers to make WordPress fit for object-oriented programming paradigm.

Maintaining class abstraction is considered as the most difficult task at the time of action and filter callbacks. But, when we take all the benefits and features of WordPress into consideration, then this problem does not matter a lot. Why use MVC for developing the plugins? Use of Model-View-Controller architecture in WordPress plugin development helps to sort out several issues. The major issues resolved by using this architecture are as follows:- Prevents collision Segment the code Separates names of the functions within a class Makes it easy to load the required elements Reduces the lines of code Ensures reusability of code Getting started When it comes to creating a WordPress plugin, the primary requirement is to have a plugin file.

Create a directory in the plugins folder and Nulled WordPress after that create a file in this directory. Controller Plugin Controller handles all filters and add actions. It is used for the class declaration and adding constructor. Callback function should be added because it filters the content and handles it with perfection. Unfiltered content is returned by this function. Views Use of views in WordPress plugin development process is to break the code and render the user interface.

Views are used to make the code easily readable. Model Another important part of MVC architecture is Model. It is used for storage and Nulled WordPress Scripts manipulation of data. It is also used for storing both types of definitions i.e. Class and Taxonomy. Implementation of MVC pattern in WordPress plugin development provides a wide range of benefits that we have already described through this post. This pattern resolves the major problem of WordPress, Nulled Free Themes enhance its functionality and makes it fit for object-oriented programming approach.

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