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Digital Engineering Marketing (DEC)

My Name is Phillip Maser full time Engineering Manager, Designer, and Sales Marketer. I have worked with the best of engineers and the worst. I have worked with owners and presidents for small entrepreneur startup companies to big fortune 500 companies . Even with all my experience and dedication to engineering. I still could not reach my passion for helping others.  So I took my skill set and broke away from corporate business and started consulting with businesses that needed more strategy, planning and problem solving, and helping clients and customers develop business skills and knowledge to increase sales or target specific goals.

The  DEC Marketing Company was founded in 2015, and has been providing quality ideas to clients through online marketing through social media, lead generation, and more.  Located in Houston, Texas.  DEC employs a couple of groups and does all kinds of awesome things for the community. DEC Marketing  approaches business solutions not by guessing but through testing ideas in different ways.  We can tackle complex engineering projects as well as the management side this includes: Accounting bases, BOM and Project Management. We also work with local businesses to push websites and lead generation into their businesses.  Product Testing and much more.

We design websites for charities, animal rescue, hurricane relief, startup companies, startup projects.  DEC Marketing was design to help drive traffic grow either organically and passively or paid ads to  kick the business off quicker. We help some business grow through social media and website SEO design.  Sites can be complicated and take on product and payment methods. We have people in place to make any design work for your situation or position.  Landing pages, complicated sales funnels and email marketing is included in this strategy.

We at DEC use two approaches below to set a goal or strategy for our prospects or clients.

As a small business consultant  we work the  with customers on planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. These items range from designing a business model and marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. You’ll often help customers learn how to plan and implement projects for the technical or non technical side. At DEC we give advice, teach skills, and brainstorms and push accounting techniques with customers to produce results and enhance strategic thinking by creating mind maps.

DEC Marketing


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