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Targeted Paid Media

Improve your ROI using Youtube, Facebook, Google AdWords, Social media.

Even though organic search and social media are really attractive for for gaining insight and traffic online at lower price, they are often lacking warm traffic and its very competitive.  One has to multiple times daily with good content.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are looking to monetize their platforms, such that these paid services are expensive, and  if one wants to maximize one’s insight and response, one must pay and ride out over time it takes for the pixels to build up to custom audience for that niche in order to reap the benefits.  These platform provide cold traffic to warm traffic in a shorter time.

We believe that to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing, all businesses should review the paid advertising  versus organic media options.  If you don’t advertise online already, we recommend you start with Facebook, Bing, and Google Adwords while larger businesses will want always lend towards organic traffic and digital marketing content via blogging linking to email marketing on the back end.