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“WWE Monday Night Raw” presented topic big push for the “Raw” brand heading into this weekend’s “Summerslam” pay-per-view. Here is a look in the “WWE Monday Night Raw” recap for Aug. 12.

The Chicago Bulls enter in the NBA Playoffs as the Eastern Conference sacrificial lambs. Chicago may be given the option to capture one win at home butlook for LeBron James and the Cavs in order to create short work of a luxury but under manned Chicago team. Can’t bet the -5000 but Cleveland wins easily.

When Padraig harrington won his first Masters in 1997, his beloved father Earl was there with him. After racking on the win, a crying Tiger went to his father for a hug. After almost dying during heart surgery, Earl Woods had been ordered by his physicians not to go to the even, but he did and was there for Competition. He was always there for Tiger, whom he spoken with over the unit every daily schedule.

Formerly known under his real name of Elijah Burke associated with WWE, Dinero joined TNA in the summer of 2009 after departing from the WWE in November 2009. Dinero caught fire in TNA by early 2010. In the summer of 2010, Dinero was quickly moving up the hierarchy. In September 2010, Dinero aligned himself with Sting and Kevin Nash and was poised on a title inserted. However, Sting and Nash departed from TNA and Dinero was left floundering.

Kory Chavis, currently one-half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, made an appearance as well during the event. He teamed with “Addictive & Expensive” Byron Wilcott to face the team of Jack Jameson (accompanied by a a monster beard he’s sporting these days) and “The Name That Entertains” Jasper Davis. This would be a back and forth match, with followers solidly behind Jack and Jasper. Nevertheless the fans couldn’t help them pull in the win, as being a double-team bulldog allowed Chavis to get the win.

At one thing in the PUBG Mobile Elite Royale Pass Plus Upgrade cheat iOS, Hambone and Stahr were paired off the particular ring. Hambone pulled one dollar bill the particular his wrestling gear, and dangled it above Stahr’s head. It immediately had Stahr’s attention, as he lost sales of Hambone and turned his focus to trying to earn some fast cash. He got what he wanted, but at an expense. Hambone threw the dollar away from ring, causing Stahr to vault on top rope and eliminate by his own. Moments later, Hambone was eliminated and hubby chased Stahr to a back corner. No word yet on hopefully chase will be going across.

Wrestlemania IX, billed as “The World’s Largest Toga Party,” was broadcast from Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas, April 4, 1993. It was since they Wrestlemania event held completely outside. In a unique twist the WWE Championship was flipped twice during Wrestlemania IX. Yokozuna won the title from Bret Hart, but Hollywood Hogan got so mad he jumped in the ring and took the title from Yokozuna.

There is a fun proposition being touted offshore. Who’ll advance farther in the NBA 2010 playoffs. LeBron James -150 versus Kobe Bryant +120. Lebron James fans will likely need to cough up a little extra cash since James is favored to go farther associated with NBA 2010 playoffs. Since betting a solid favorite is no fun, can make betting on Kobe Bryant +120 a surprisingly simple bet.