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Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote any offer. As Affiliate and Ecommerce marketer one has a lot of different options, email marketing is one of the best closing tools one can learn and master.

Emails will always be mentioned quite a bit throughout this blog. Email marketing is the way to go if one wants to close the deal, but the problem is that most people that utilize this strategy don’t do it correctly. Below are 10 email marketing pro tips to help one build the most engaging and profitable list possible.

Email Marketing Pro Tips

  1. Be Consistent With All Email Schedule’s

One of the things that I have noticed with most affiliate is they sent emails to their list very not regulatorily. Don’t do this. If one wants one list to feel as if one truly cares, then one need to send them an email at least a couple of times per week. Many affiliate marketers will tell one that 3 emails a week is the perfect number, but I am here to tell one that every niche/market is different. Yes, if one is an affiliate for a stock trading platform then emails 5 days a week would be wise. However, if one is an affiliate for a weight loss product then maybe only 2 times per week is enough. One must test this for different split tests.

  1. Provide More Value & Not Just Links

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many people making when it comes to email marketing is they don’t provide any additional value, they just send out links to their affiliate products/offers. Don’t do this. The benefit behind a good email marketing strategy is that one audience will trust one more, and they will get the information needed to decide about a possible purchase on their own.

If one only sends out emails full of spammy links and offers for them to buy, then chances are they will just unsubscribe from one list. Therefore, one need to make sure one provides more value inside one emails than anything else. When one provides so much value, one email subscribers won’t care if one sends a link every few emails because they know they are getting more from being on one list than anything else. Trust me, value over links is a must if one wants to be successful long term.

  1. Avoid Spammy Subject Lines

Below are some things that one need to avoid placing inside one subject lines of one emails. The reason for this is because email providers are keen to what spammers are doing these days, and because of that they are sending a lot of one emails straight to the spam folder. Here are some things that one should never put into one subject lines

  •  Financial Freedom
  •  Make Money Online
  •  RE:
  •  …
  •  !!

Ok, so let me explain what all these things mean.

The reason why one doesn’t want to put financial freedom into one subject line is because this is one of the more common emails spammers send out that gets sent directly to spam boxes. One can use the words financial or freedom alone, but don’t place them together because this will trigger the email to be marked spam. This goes for make money online as well. What one should do is space out the words or change them up a bit. For example, “make a living on the internet” would work much better.

Now let’s talk about the final 3 bullet points. The reason one doesn’t want to use RE: …, or !! is because this is also associated with spammy techniques. When one sends out an email that is supposed to be a reply (RE) but there isn’t any proof of previous contact, then the email provider will normally just forward one email to spam. As for the 3 dots (…) this is also another spammy technique. One can however, use just 2 dots and that will work just fine. But never use 3.

The last thing is the 2 exclamation points. It is fine to use just 1, but when one use 2 it not only looks spammy, but it also looks like a typo. Therefore, I don’t like to use double marks no matter what kind they are.

Before one send off one email make sure one read it a few times and decide for oneself if it looks spammy or if there are words inside of it that might get flagged.

  1. Build Many Following Everywhere

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone, but my guess is that it will be. Whenever I create an email list my goal is to build that list, nothing else. However, once a marketer has sent out a few emails just to remind their subscribers of other sources they can follow all content for better conversions. So, what do marketers like to do is build up email lists and send first few emails out on a schedule.  One sends out a reminder to follow me on Facebook, join a private Facebook group, subscribe on You Tube, or follow me on Google Plus or Instagram.

The goal with these emails is to get all subscribers to follow you everywhere because the more of main content they can consume, the harder it will be for them to get away from you from not purchasing, and it will be much easier for the marketer to be reminded of their affiliate offers and links if social media is design into the emails.

  1. Create Multiple Email Lists

One of the biggest misconceptions about email marketing is that one needs a big list. That is not true, not at all. What one need is to have multiple emails list, one for each niche. Each list should be on a specific topic, which will help one make more money as an affiliate programs provide more options in the niche.

Let me explain something in a very simple manner.

Let’s say a marketer wants promoting a weight loss offer as a special affiliate product, one would one simply create one email opting and leave it, not exactly? For Example, the reason why the marketer should not do this is because people that want to lose weight are not all the same. Therefore, if one promotes a generic weight loss offer to somebody that is 400lbs and another person that is 150lbs one won’t get a great understanding of what is working. Most likely the 400-pound person needs far more assistance and a structured plan than somebody at only 150 pounds. It is because of this that one creates multiple lists, targeting each type of person differently because by doing this one will see higher conversion rates and one will keep subscribers on the list longer.

  1. Use Autoresponders & Broadcast Emails

There are 2 different types of emails that one can send out. One is an autoresponder and the other is a broadcast email. The main different between the two emails is an autoresponder get sent out as soon as somebody opts into one’s email list while the Broadcast email is scheduled. These are great to help one provide that initial value upfront, autoresponders also work to deliver the gift one promised to subscribers.

With a broadcast email these are used more for delivering up-to-date emails that one just wrote. Broadcasts are perfect to keep one subscriber thinking about one and the offer one recommended to them, to get them to join one on a live video on Facebook or YouTube, and to just bring up a sale or promotion that is time-sensitive.

When used correctly these 2 types of emails will deliver a bunch of value to many subscribers, but they will also give them that feeling that one really does care about them. When just doing one of these email types by themselves subscriber may unsubscribe very quickly if they feel no real value is here.

  1. Walking Through An Email Funnel

Inside this tip I am not talking about building a funnel, I am simply talking about getting one subscriber from point A to point B.

So, how do one go about doing this?

It is quite simple. Start off with what one end goal is for one subscriber. For example, let’s say I want my subscriber to build a course on building a garage by themselves. If my initial offer (gift) is “15 Ways To Save Money Building One Dream Garage” then I would want to take them from that offer all the way towards buying the course to build their dream garage.

The way one funnel allows subscribers from one email to the next with the ultimate goal of buying the course is to start off with an email sequence like this; 15 Ways To Save Money Building One Dream Garage, Expert Tips on Hiring A Contractor To Assist In Building One Dream Garage, 10 Things One Don’t Need In A Garage To Save One Money, 3 Sample Garage Plans To Get One Thinking Clearly, The ONE Garage Plan Books Every Homeowner Needs (This is the final offer).

By putting together a funnel like this one can get them to start to take slow action and have them on the right path to getting the offer one will be recommending. When done right, there isn’t a lot of selling that needs to take place on the final email, the subscribers has probably already sold themselves on the idea days before this.

  1. Check One Email Stats Often

How many subscribers are getting good emails? If one is not getting good emails, then one may need to figure this out, a way to build list faster and clean. How many unsubscribes are one getting and from which email? If one doesn’t know this, then how are one ever going to keep all one subscribers happy and keep them from leaving one list? How many people are opening emails? If one doesn’t know this, then how are one going to craft the perfect headline to get people to open the emails more.

The whole point of this is to make one understand that without checking one’s email stats often one won’t know what is truly going on. So many people will unsubscribe for any number of reasons and if one doesn’t know what emails are performing then trying to make change is nearly impossible. Doing email marketing doesn’t take much time, but what it does require is one to be observant of what is going on inside one list.

  1. Use Paid Traffic To Build A List Faster

If one is reading this then I am sure one has watched many videos on email marketing, already, right? Well, if one has then one knows that pushing for paid traffic to build any lists are fast. The reason paid traffic is needed is because one can target more people in a short time frame.  One can build an email lists, with more people target for a specific niche, one can promote this list by giving up money in exchange for clicks and opt-ins, which ultimately means more money on the back end.

So, whether one is advertising one free offer on Facebook, Google, Bing, Snapchat or wherever; it doesn’t matter, all that matter is that one is using the money one has overall business. Trust me, the more one can invest into paid traffic, the better one will get at it, and the more money one will be able to make in the long run.

  1. Tie Email Subject Lines Into Trending Topics & Current Events

I am not going to go to in depth here because I am sure one will understand where I am going with this.

Let’s say that the presidential election is just ending, and the United States has a new president. If that is the case, then one could tie the election and the new president into one email for an enhanced experience. What this does is it gives the person reading the email a little bit of a story to go along with what it is happening in current events and teaching them via example with trending topics.

I did something very similar to this when the Houston, Texas area was flooded by the Harvey hurricane. What I did was I talked about the hurricanes and how many people are fleeing the area with no place to go, however, they couldn’t go far because so many people live paycheck to paycheck that they had to be near their home so that they could get back to work as soon as possible. This email was sent to people inside my passive income lifestyle list, so they understood exactly where I was going with this just by reading the subject line.

Hopefully after reading these 10-email marketing pro tips one will be able to make more money, but also establish long-lasting relationships with many audience types. What one need to keep in mind is that one email list is an extension of one business, so treat it as such.

My last piece of advice for one when it comes to email marketing is to test everything. Sometimes subject lines are not converting to a click, so change it. When one has a lot of unsubscribes on one email, then change that email. A lot of people ask me what the key to successful email marketing is and the truth is that the key is to just be aware of what is going on. If one can do that, then one will be successful.



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