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Content Marketing and Blogging

Mostly Organic Traffic

It takes time for this to work in some ways it has some risks.  Your niche has  to be on target and there is a 6 to 8 month waiting period for google and other search engines to believe in your content.

When you get it right, Content Marketing fuels many of the outbound and inbound marketing plans like search engine optimization, back linking social media , and driving YouTube Videos to your content with a deep feeling of engagement.

Content Marketing was the number one way to get organic traffic which monetizes many types of ads. 

The outcomes you can get with Content Marketing are not a mystery. Numerous advertisers are influencing content promoting to work for them. Yet to do this is a long way from basic. It takes great quality arranging and standard activity to make and disseminate content that builds brand awareness, commonality and buy purpose intent.

However, In order to succeed with content marketing you need a strategic approach with a good foundation and schedule, good writers and lots of time.  Risk is always in the background waiting, not all niches are targeted correctly and requires rework with some AB Testing if the first round failed.  We never get up on any product launch we try different approaches using all of the resources are budget can handle.