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Its pretty obvious that shopping for sunglasses with the latest trends can be confusing. Tons of options and so many styles, tons of  reviews and you tend to follow the “what cool style”.

Well, we’ve taken what is modern right now and whats affordable and all the resources to bring this together.

#1  Retro Steampunk Googles Vintage Round Flip Up Sunglasses (DEC Apparel exclusive)

Ralferty Retro Steampunk Googles Vintage Round Flip Up Sunglass Women Mens Clip On Sunglasses Metal Punk Sun Glasses Male Oculos

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When it comes to having the right Look, imagine paying others more than double or even triple the price for this same pair or similar products.

Yes, it happen to us.  We have scouted for best sunglasses at a very low cost imaginable and guess what we got it at the best price imaginable.

Price: $29.99                                                                                                    

Our Price: $11.18 with a free spinner as appreciation for your commitment.

How?:  We have over 300 in stock and we purchased them in BULK. Meaning we are passing the discounts on to you.  Yes we are fashion buyers ourselves and we want to pass on the savings to others as well.

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#2 Bowtie and Ties (DEC Apparel exclusive)

GUSLESON New Design Self Bow Tie And Hanky Set Silk Jacquard Woven Men and Women Butterfly Bow Tie Pocket Square Handkerchief Suit Wedding, Parties and Events

New Design Self Bow Tie and Hanky Set Silk with Handkerchief, for Wedding Parties, Dinner Parties and Events.

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Price: $19.99                                                                                                                          

Our Price: $ 9.99 free spinner with purchase

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Lets face it, Steampunk Googles Vintage Round Flip and Tie collections are hot for the summer. If you aren’t wearing many of the different colored Steampunk Googles, and different color arrangements of ties. You are missing out on some most epic styles and experiences.

So here is what we did.  We found the BEST and the most affordable sunglasses and ties and we order 300 of them and yet again we are passing the discounts over to you.

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